Activities in Paraty

Paraty is a magical place, full of activities and charms.

You can walk through the historic center, its shops and museums, visit the beach Cachadaço, Paraty Bay, kayaking, make tracks for Tropical Forest and secluded beach of Paraty, visit their churches, do outdoor activities like kayaking, waterfalls and still enjoy the wonderful beaches and walks in the many islands.

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Parks and Reserves

Paraty is in a privileged geographical point with regard to ecology. In your area are:
  • Serra da Bocaina National Park
  • Ecological Reserve Joatinga
  • APA Cairuçú
  • Recreation Area Paraty-Mirim
  • Paraty Bay Environmental Preservation Area
  • Bordering the State Park of Serra do Mar


The sheltered Paraty Bay has close to 60 beaches, and some accessible by car and many accessible only by boat.

Especially the latter not only have a nature almost wild, but preserve much of ancentral caiçara culture with its handicrafts, cuisine and traditional livelihoods.
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About 65 islands make up the idyllic setting of Paraty.É Bay a sheltered bay of clear water, which comnvida a boat ride.

Fishing and diving are very common activities in Paraty.

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Sco doMamanguá

The Saco do Mamanguá is a sea inlet with 8 km long and 2 km wide. It has 33 beaches and 8 caiçaras communities. The Mamanguá background has a gorgeous super mangrove area preserved.

The biodiversity of the place really impressive. Many species of trees, bromeliads, flowers can be seen.

To get to the Mamanguá Bag can go by boat, leaving Paraty-Mirim, or track.


Some major accidents, plenty of water and lots of woods.

These are the ingredients needed to draw beautiful waterfalls, such as exist in Paraty. Some are difficult to access, but the beauty we find to get, worth the effort.
  • Waterfall Waterslide (Da Penha)
  • Tarzan Pit
  • English Pit
  • Pedra Branca Waterfall
  • Plant Pit
  • Jamaica Well
  • Well Laje
  • Well of Andorinhas
  • Waterfall Graúna
  • Iriri Waterfall
  • Taquari Waterfall